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Last update: 18 Sep 2018

This page contains unofficial fleet lists of various bus operators, primarily in the Merseyside area. Many thanks to those visitors who help to keep the depot allocations and liveries up to date on the editable fleet lists. Over time, I plan to increase the level of user-editability, although at present I am concentrating on adding data. There are pages for "recent additions" and "recent updates". Any requests are welcome concerning which fleets you'd like me to prioritise for inclusion, as is any other feedback - email fleetlists [at] quack[seventy-seven] [dot] uk. Bullocks and Tyrers are currently in the pipeline (thanks to David Jelfs for researching these).

You can search for a vehicle on the database, including vehicles that have been withdrawn (which provides a means to reinstate a withdrawn vehicle, by allocating it back to a depot). The database is nowhere near complete as yet, but I plan to continue adding vehicles, with the intention that it will eventually include the vast majority of operational buses in Great Britain. Sorry progress is slower than I'd intended.

Please note that none of these lists are in any way official or endorsed by the companies, unless stated otherwise. They are compiled from my own observations and online research. They may not be up to date. Only operational vehicles are listed; the lists do not include vehicles that are believed to be withdrawn, stored, delicensed, or otherwise long term VOR.

Database fleet lists

Sort lists by VRM

A2B Travel (21 Aug 2018)
Arriva Buses Wales (15 Sep 2018)
Arriva North West (16 Sep 2018)
Avon Buses (15 Sep 2018)
Blackpool Transport (06 Sep 2018)
Cumfybus (14 Aug 2018)
Diamond Bus North West (04 Sep 2018)
First Greater Manchester (05 Sep 2018)
Halton Transport (18 Sep 2018)
Hattons (03 Sep 2018)
HTL Buses (01 Aug 2018)
Jim Stones (20 Aug 2018)
Preston Bus (04 Sep 2018)
Selwyns (13 Sep 2018)
Stagecoach Manchester (09 Sep 2018)
Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire (17 Sep 2018)

Combined fleet lists

Arriva North West and Arriva Buses Wales
Rotala Preston Bus and Diamond Bus North West
Stagecoach Manchester and Stagecoach Merseyside + South Lancs

Manually compiled fleet lists (not yet on database)

Aintree Coachline (04 Jul 2018)
Liverpool City Sights (06 Oct 2017)
Maghull Coaches (25 Aug 2018)
Vision Coaches (18 Jul 2018)