All operators - recent updates (last 7 days)

This list shows all depot updates that have been made to the list during the last 7 days.

If asterisks appear, see below the list for an explanation.

OperatorF/N.Reg.Date updatedFromTo
Stagecoach South Wales27280SN65 ODX2019-04-19 22:06:37CaerphillyCwmbran**
Stagecoach West27704PO11 BBE2019-04-19 22:05:23[none]Gloucester**
Stagecoach South Wales27704PO11 BBE2019-04-19 22:05:19Merthyr Tydfil[withdrawn or removed]**
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34811PX06 DVU2019-04-19 22:04:45[none]Chester**
Stagecoach South East34811PX06 DVU2019-04-19 22:04:40Ashford[withdrawn or removed]**
Arriva North West2539DK55 FYC2019-04-19 22:03:06[none]Runcorn**
Arriva Southern Counties2539DK55 FYC2019-04-19 22:03:02Maidstone[withdrawn or removed]**
Stagecoach London19136LX56 EAO2019-04-19 20:49:33TB - BromleyBW - Bow
Stagecoach London19135LX56 EAM2019-04-19 20:49:14TB - BromleyBW - Bow
Stagecoach London19134LX56 EAK2019-04-19 20:48:55TB - BromleyBW - Bow
Stagecoach London19132LX56 EAG2019-04-19 20:48:32TB - BromleyBW - Bow
Stagecoach London19131LX56 EAF2019-04-19 20:48:17TB - BromleyBW - Bow
Stagecoach London19133LX56 EAJ2019-04-19 20:46:19TB - BromleyBW - Bow
Stagecoach South East34811PX06 DVU2019-04-19 14:49:11[none]Ashford*
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34811PX06 DVU2019-04-19 14:49:03Chester[withdrawn or removed]*
Stagecoach South Wales27280SN65 ODX2019-04-19 14:48:43CwmbranCaerphilly*
Stagecoach South Wales27704PO11 BBE2019-04-19 14:48:01[none]Merthyr Tydfil*
Stagecoach West27704PO11 BBE2019-04-19 14:47:50Gloucester[withdrawn or removed]*
Arriva Southern Counties2539DK55 FYC2019-04-19 14:45:18[none]Maidstone*
Arriva North West2539DK55 FYC2019-04-19 14:45:07Runcorn[withdrawn or removed]*
Arriva LondonDW277LJ59 LXA2019-04-19 14:19:39WN - Wood GreenGY - Grays
Arriva North West4564DK64 BVV2019-04-19 12:10:09BirkenheadSpeke
Arriva North West2583CX06 BHP2019-04-19 10:51:36St HelensSpeke
Arriva North West1038RF68 FMD2019-04-18 21:25:11[none]Green Lane
MetrolineLT190LTZ 11902019-04-18 19:41:57W - CricklewoodHT - Holloway
Arriva LondonHW100SK68 TNJ2019-04-18 19:36:13N - NorwoodAD - Palmers Green
Arriva LondonDW277LJ59 LXA2019-04-18 19:34:33GY - GraysWN - Wood Green
Arriva North West1032RF68 FLM2019-04-18 10:33:48[none]Green Lane
Arriva North West4104CX55 EAM2019-04-18 06:31:57[none]Winsford
Stagecoach London11334YW68 PBF2019-04-16 21:09:21[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11335YW68 PBO2019-04-16 21:08:52[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11331YW68 OZV2019-04-16 21:08:37[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11322YW68 OZL2019-04-16 21:08:24[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11316SK19 ELU2019-04-16 21:08:12[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11315SK19 ELO2019-04-16 21:07:56[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11314SK19 ELJ2019-04-16 21:07:44[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11313SK19 ELH2019-04-16 21:07:31[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11312SK19 ELC2019-04-16 21:07:15[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11311SK19 EKZ2019-04-16 21:06:59[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11310SK19 EKY2019-04-16 21:06:44[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11309SK19 EKX2019-04-16 21:06:30[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11308SO68 HDY2019-04-16 21:06:08[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11307SO68 HDX2019-04-16 21:05:55[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11306SO68 HDV2019-04-16 21:05:40[none]TL - Catford
Stagecoach London11330YW68 OZU2019-04-16 21:05:08[none]TL - Catford
Arriva North West7921YJ58 FFC2019-04-16 14:36:26Green Lane[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva North West7924YJ62 JWF2019-04-16 09:20:09Bootle[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva North West7923YJ62 JWL2019-04-16 09:19:58Bootle[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva North West7920YJ58 FFA2019-04-16 09:19:39Bootle[withdrawn or removed]
D & G Bus53LJ56 VSP2019-04-16 09:03:52CreweNorthwich
Arriva North West4563DK64 BVU2019-04-15 15:10:07BirkenheadSpeke
Arriva North West2554DK55 FYV2019-04-15 14:17:24BangorSpeke
Arriva North West2515DK55 FWZ2019-04-15 10:25:37Bolton[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva North West2515DK55 FWZ2019-04-15 10:25:31Bolton[withdrawn or removed]
MCTYJ13 HLK2019-04-14 22:19:34Heaton ChapelRochdale
Arriva North West2616CX56 CEU2019-04-14 20:11:22BangorWinsford
Arriva Buses Wales2492CX54 DKJ2019-04-14 20:10:54BangorChester
First Greater Manchester49112YJ60 KDX2019-04-13 17:18:16[none]Manchester
Tower TransitWN35003 LK58 EDR2019-04-13 15:24:30[none]X - Westbourne Park
Tower TransitWN35002 LK58 EDP2019-04-13 15:24:22[none]X - Westbourne Park
Tower TransitWN35001 LK58 EDO2019-04-13 15:24:16[none]X - Westbourne Park
Tower TransitWN35004 LK09 CZS2019-04-13 15:23:42[none]X - Westbourne Park
Abellio London2005YX19 ORL2019-04-13 15:05:15[none]WS - Hayes
Abellio London2004YX19 ORK2019-04-13 15:05:04[none]WS - Hayes
Abellio London2003YX19 ORJ2019-04-13 15:04:54[none]WS - Hayes
Tower TransitWN35004 LK09 CZS2019-04-13 14:10:57X - Westbourne Park[withdrawn or removed]
Tower TransitWN35004 LK09 CZS2019-04-13 14:10:13[none]X - Westbourne Park
MetrolineTE692LK06 FLC2019-04-13 12:55:25HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE691LK06 FLB2019-04-13 12:55:18HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE690LK55 KLA2019-04-13 12:55:13HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE689LK55 KKZ2019-04-13 12:55:09HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE687LK06 FLA2019-04-13 12:55:03HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE685LK55 KKU2019-04-13 12:54:58HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE684LK55 KKT2019-04-13 12:54:54HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE682LK55 KKR2019-04-13 12:54:47HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE681LK55 KKP2019-04-13 12:54:42HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE680LK55 KKO2019-04-13 12:54:37HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE678LK55 KKL2019-04-13 12:54:32HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE676LK55 KKH2019-04-13 12:54:26HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE675LK55 KKG2019-04-13 12:54:21HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE674LK55 KKF2019-04-13 12:54:15HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE672LK55 KKD2019-04-13 12:54:09HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE712LK56 FHE2019-04-13 12:54:04HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE714LK56 FHG2019-04-13 12:53:57HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE719LK56 FHO2019-04-13 12:53:53HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE718LK56 FHN2019-04-13 12:53:47HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE717LK56 FHM2019-04-13 12:53:42HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE729LK07 AZF2019-04-13 12:53:37HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE727LK07 AZC2019-04-13 12:53:32HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE726LK07 AZB2019-04-13 12:53:28HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE725LK07 AZA2019-04-13 12:53:21HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE724LK07 AYZ2019-04-13 12:53:12HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE723LK56 FHT2019-04-13 12:53:06W - Cricklewood[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE722LK56 FHS2019-04-13 12:52:58HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE721LK56 FHR2019-04-13 12:52:53HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE720LK56 FHP2019-04-13 12:52:47W - Cricklewood[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE730LK07 AZG2019-04-13 12:52:42HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineTE737LK07 AZT2019-04-13 12:52:37HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineSEL739LK07 AZV2019-04-13 12:52:30PA - Perivale West[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineVPL631LK54 FWL2019-04-13 12:48:10HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineVPL591LK04 NMZ2019-04-13 12:48:00HT - Holloway[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineVP545LK04 CVF2019-04-13 12:47:51AC - Willesden[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineVMH2574LA68 DWO2019-04-13 12:46:40[none]HT - Holloway
MetrolineVMH2572LA68 DWU2019-04-13 12:46:36[none]HT - Holloway
MetrolineVMH2570LA68 DWW2019-04-13 12:46:31[none]HT - Holloway
MetrolineVMH2559LA68 DXJ2019-04-13 12:46:27[none]HT - Holloway
MetrolineVMH2557LA68 DXL2019-04-13 12:46:22PB - Potters BarHT - Holloway
MetrolineVMH2543LF68 PXV2019-04-13 12:45:22[none]PB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVMH2545LF68 PXX2019-04-13 12:45:16[none]PB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVMH2546LA68 DXY2019-04-13 12:45:09[none]PB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVMH2547LA68 DXX2019-04-13 12:45:03[none]PB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVMH2548LA68 DXW2019-04-13 12:44:57[none]PB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVMH2549LA68 DXV2019-04-13 12:44:52[none]PB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVMH2550LA68 DXU2019-04-13 12:44:47[none]PB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVMH2551LA68 DXT2019-04-13 12:44:42[none]PB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVMH2557LA68 DXL2019-04-13 12:44:36[none]PB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVMH2558LA68 DXK2019-04-13 12:44:28KC - Kings CrossPB - Potters Bar
MetrolineVW1378LK62 DPE2019-04-13 12:42:51PA - Perivale WestHD - Harrow Weald
MetrolineDEM1337LK62 DAA2019-04-13 12:41:45PB - Potters BarHT - Holloway
MetrolineDEM1338LK62 DAO2019-04-13 12:41:39PB - Potters BarHT - Holloway
MetrolineDEM1339LK62 DBZ2019-04-13 12:41:30PB - Potters BarHT - Holloway
MetrolineDEM1342LK62 DCY2019-04-13 12:41:26PB - Potters BarHT - Holloway
MetrolineDEM1343LK62 DDU2019-04-13 12:41:22PB - Potters BarHT - Holloway
MetrolineDEM1345LK62 DDZ2019-04-13 12:41:15PB - Potters BarHT - Holloway
MetrolineDEM1344LK62 DDY2019-04-13 12:41:08PB - Potters BarHT - Holloway
MetrolineDEM1346LK62 DEU2019-04-13 12:41:02PB - Potters BarHT - Holloway
MetrolineENS10LJ07 EEB2019-04-13 09:15:59[none]HT - Holloway
Arriva LondonENS10LJ07 EEB2019-04-13 09:15:53CT - Clapton[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineENS8LJ07 EDX2019-04-13 09:15:40[none]HT - Holloway
Arriva LondonENS8LJ07 EDX2019-04-13 09:15:37CT - Clapton[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineENS5LJ07 EDR2019-04-13 09:15:18[none]HT - Holloway
Arriva LondonENS5LJ07 EDR2019-04-13 09:15:14CT - Clapton[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineENS3LJ07 EDO2019-04-13 09:14:59[none]HT - Holloway
Arriva LondonENS3LJ07 EDO2019-04-13 09:14:56CT - Clapton[withdrawn or removed]
MetrolineENS2LJ07 EDL2019-04-13 09:14:27[none]HT - Holloway
Arriva LondonENS2LJ07 EDL2019-04-13 09:14:24CT - Clapton[withdrawn or removed]

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that a change was made from an IP address that has been the source of known-bad edits, and has subsequently been blacklisted. A double asterisk (**) indicates a reversion of such a change. In most of these cases it can be presumed that the movement in question never actually occurred. However, we routinely revert ALL edits emanating from blacklisted addresses, unless information to substantiate them is easily found; it is therefore possible that some good edits may inadvertently be rolled back in this way.