All operators - recent updates (last 7 days)

This list shows all depot updates that have been made to the list during the last 7 days.

If asterisks appear, see below the list for an explanation.

OperatorF/N.Reg.Date updatedFromTo
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34810PX06 DVT2019-08-19 12:59:11Chester[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34809PX06 DVR2019-08-19 12:58:49Chester[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34743PX55 EDK2019-08-19 12:58:26Gillmoss[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34811PX06 DVU2019-08-19 12:58:00Gillmoss[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34808PX55 EHE2019-08-19 12:57:34Gillmoss[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34813PX06 DVW2019-08-19 12:57:17Gillmoss[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34793PX55 EFZ2019-08-19 12:56:23Chester[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34819S44 ABC2019-08-19 12:55:50Gillmoss[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34820PX06 DWF2019-08-19 12:55:11Rock Ferry[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...19031SN56 AVX2019-08-19 11:40:53Gillmoss[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...19038SN56 AWH2019-08-19 11:40:10Gillmoss[withdrawn or removed]
HornsbysLX03 BWY2019-08-19 10:21:24[none]Scunthorpe
Stagecoach London18465LX55 EPP2019-08-19 07:40:22PD - PlumsteadRM - Rainham
Stagecoach London17836LX03 BYM2019-08-19 07:32:01T - Leyton[unknown]
Stagecoach London19140LX56 EBA2019-08-19 07:27:15TB - BromleyWH - West Ham
Stagecoach London19138LX56 EAW2019-08-19 07:25:34TB - BromleyWH - West Ham
Stagecoach London17981LX53 KAO2019-08-19 07:18:07PD - Plumstead[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva LondonLT967LTZ 21672019-08-18 22:16:19BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Thames Travel229UF10 OXF2019-08-18 22:11:58[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company229UF10 OXF2019-08-18 22:11:57Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel228TF10 OXF2019-08-18 22:11:45[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company228TF10 OXF2019-08-18 22:11:42Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel223MF10 OXF2019-08-18 22:11:25[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company223MF10 OXF2019-08-18 22:11:23Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
ClaribelsYX17 NYY2019-08-18 22:06:04[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYX17 NYW2019-08-18 22:05:59[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYX17 NYV2019-08-18 22:05:54[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYX17 NYU2019-08-18 22:05:47[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ14 CCF2019-08-18 22:05:42[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ14 CCE2019-08-18 22:05:38[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ62 JZH2019-08-18 22:05:33[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ62 JZG2019-08-18 22:05:28[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ12 CKO2019-08-18 22:05:23[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ12 CKN2019-08-18 22:05:20[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ12 CHH2019-08-18 22:05:16[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ12 CHG2019-08-18 22:05:11[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ60 GJF2019-08-18 22:05:04[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ60 GHF2019-08-18 22:04:59[none]Tile Cross
Arriva LondonLT966LTZ 21662019-08-18 22:04:56BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
ClaribelsYJ10 DHX2019-08-18 22:04:55[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ59 BCU2019-08-18 22:04:44[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYJ58 FDV2019-08-18 22:04:39[none]Tile Cross
ClaribelsYX17 NYZ2019-08-18 22:04:35[none]Tile Cross
Arriva LondonLT965LTZ 21652019-08-18 22:04:23BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
ClaribelsYJ57 BOF2019-08-18 22:04:13[none]Tile Cross
Arriva LondonLT964LTZ 21642019-08-18 22:02:02BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Arriva LondonENL111LX11 AWP2019-08-18 22:00:09DT - DartfordGY - Grays
Arriva LondonLT963LTZ 21632019-08-18 21:58:54BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Thames Travel231WF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:56:37[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company231WF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:56:34Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel214CF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:54:33[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company214CF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:54:32Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel213BF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:53:24[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company213BF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:53:22Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel212AF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:53:01[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company212AF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:52:58Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva LondonLT962LTZ 21622019-08-18 21:52:08BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Arriva LondonLT961LTZ 21612019-08-18 21:51:29BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Arriva LondonLT960LTZ 21602019-08-18 21:50:51BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Arriva LondonLT959LTZ 21592019-08-18 21:50:23BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Arriva LondonLT958LTZ 21582019-08-18 21:49:55BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Arriva LondonLT957LTZ 21572019-08-18 21:49:30BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Thames Travel221KF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:48:35[none]Didcot
Carousel Buses221KF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:48:33High Wycombe[withdrawn or removed]
Oxford Bus Company222LF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:45:20[none]Oxford
Carousel Buses222LF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:45:17High Wycombe[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel230VF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:41:46[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company230VF10 OXF2019-08-18 21:41:44Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel210KF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:37:43[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company210KF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:37:40Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel209JF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:37:10[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company209JF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:37:01Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel208HF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:36:27[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company208HF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:36:24Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel207GF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:35:57[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company207GF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:35:53Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Thames Travel206FF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:34:48[none]Didcot
Oxford Bus Company206FF09 OXF2019-08-18 21:34:43Oxford[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach London18209LX04 FWV2019-08-18 21:29:20T - Leyton[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach London19000LX55 HGC2019-08-18 21:28:43RM - Rainham[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach London17858LX03 NFC2019-08-18 21:27:46NS - Romford[withdrawn or removed]
Stagecoach London10196SN63 NCA2019-08-18 21:20:34TB - BromleyPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London19835LX61 DDE2019-08-18 21:19:45TB - BromleyPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12279SN14 TWX2019-08-18 21:13:40PD - PlumsteadTL - Catford
Stagecoach London12276SN14 TWU2019-08-18 21:12:56TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12275SN14 TWP2019-08-18 21:12:35TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12277SN14 TWV2019-08-18 21:12:07TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12281SN14 TWZ2019-08-18 21:11:37TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12278SN14 TWW2019-08-18 21:11:00TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12274SN14 TWM2019-08-18 21:10:13TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12282SN14 TXA2019-08-18 21:09:31TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12283SN14 TXB2019-08-18 21:08:49TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12284SN14 TXC2019-08-18 21:08:22TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12285SN14 TXD2019-08-18 21:07:55TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12288SN14 TXG2019-08-18 21:07:32TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12289SN14 TXH2019-08-18 21:07:05TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12273SN14 TWL2019-08-18 21:06:04TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12272SN14 TWK2019-08-18 21:05:42TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12270SN14 TWG2019-08-18 21:05:09TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12269SN14 TWF2019-08-18 21:04:36TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12268SN14 TWE2019-08-18 21:04:13TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12267SN14 TWD2019-08-18 21:03:43TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12266SN14 TWC2019-08-18 21:03:05TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12265SN14 TWA2019-08-18 21:02:25TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12264SN14 TVZ2019-08-18 21:01:56TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12263SN14 TVY2019-08-18 21:01:24TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12290SN14 TXJ2019-08-18 21:00:55TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12279SN14 TWX2019-08-18 21:00:28TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12262SN14 TVX2019-08-18 20:59:36TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12291SN14 TXK2019-08-18 20:59:06TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12271SN14 TWJ2019-08-18 20:57:04TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12287SN14 TXF2019-08-18 20:56:42TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12292SN14 TXL2019-08-18 20:56:15TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12261SN14 TVW2019-08-18 20:55:42TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Stagecoach London12280SN14 TWY2019-08-18 20:55:07TL - CatfordPD - Plumstead
Arriva Midlands3748YJ59 BVL2019-08-18 18:52:46Telford[withdrawn or removed]
Go North WestYX13 EFY2019-08-18 17:11:05[none]Manchester
Arriva LondonENL90GN08 CHH2019-08-18 17:02:35GY - GraysDT - Dartford
Go-Ahead LondonWVN46BL61 ACY2019-08-18 17:01:33NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVN47BL61 ACX2019-08-18 17:00:52NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVN48BL61 ADU2019-08-18 17:00:27MG - Morden WharfBX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVN48BL61 ADU2019-08-18 16:59:32NP - Northumberland MG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVN49BL61 ACZ2019-08-18 16:59:02NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVL279LX59 CYU2019-08-18 16:56:57NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL278LX59 CYT2019-08-18 16:55:14NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL277LX59 CYS2019-08-18 16:52:59NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL280LX59 CYV2019-08-18 16:47:21NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL281LX59 CYW2019-08-18 16:45:12NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL282LX59 CYY2019-08-18 16:43:36NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL283LX59 CYZ2019-08-18 16:43:04NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL284LX59 CZA2019-08-18 16:41:56NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL285LX59 CZB2019-08-18 16:40:55NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL286LX59 CZC2019-08-18 16:40:19NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Warrington's Own BusesLJ04 LGC2019-08-18 16:39:35Warrington[unknown]
Warrington's Own BusesLJ04 LDU2019-08-18 16:39:03Warrington[unknown]
Go-Ahead LondonWVL287LX59 CZD2019-08-18 16:37:20NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL290LX59 CZH2019-08-18 16:35:48NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL289LX59 CZG2019-08-18 16:35:38NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL288LX59 CZF2019-08-18 16:35:30NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL288LX59 CZF2019-08-18 16:35:21NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL294LX59 CZM2019-08-18 16:30:52NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL293LX59 CZL2019-08-18 16:30:38NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL292LX59 CZK2019-08-18 16:30:30NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL291LX59 CZJ2019-08-18 16:29:57NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Warrington's Own BusesLJ04 LDU2019-08-18 16:26:53[none]Warrington
Vision Bus (Bolton)LJ04 LDU2019-08-18 16:26:51Blackrod[withdrawn or removed]
Go-Ahead LondonWVL297LX59 CZP2019-08-18 16:26:36BX - BexleyheathMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL295LX59 CZN2019-08-18 16:26:20NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL296LX59 CZO2019-08-18 16:26:15BX - BexleyheathMG - Morden Wharf
Warrington's Own BusesLJ04 LGC2019-08-18 16:25:22[none]Warrington
Vision Bus (Bolton)LJ04 LGC2019-08-18 16:25:18Blackrod[withdrawn or removed]
Go-Ahead LondonWVL298LX59 CZR2019-08-18 16:21:26BX - BexleyheathMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL299LX59 CZS2019-08-18 16:16:32BX - BexleyheathMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL300LX59 CZT2019-08-18 16:13:47BX - BexleyheathMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL301LX59 CZU2019-08-18 16:13:26BX - BexleyheathMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL302LX59 CZV2019-08-18 16:10:37BX - BexleyheathMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL303LX59 CYA2019-08-18 16:09:53BX - BexleyheathMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL304LX59 CYC2019-08-18 16:08:24BX - BexleyheathMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL275LX59 CYO2019-08-18 16:07:14NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL467LJ61 NWW2019-08-18 16:06:15NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVL466LJ61 NVB2019-08-18 16:05:34NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVL465LJ61 NVA2019-08-18 16:04:49NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVL464LJ61 NUY2019-08-18 16:03:19NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVL463LJ61 NUX2019-08-18 16:02:08NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonSEN29YX61 FZZ2019-08-18 16:00:04Q - CamberwellMG - Morden Wharf
Go-Ahead LondonWVL462LJ61 NUW2019-08-18 15:59:13NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go North East4940NK51 OLB2019-08-18 13:41:43Gateshead (Riv.)[withdrawn or removed]
Go North East4940NK51 OLB2019-08-18 13:41:33Gateshead (Riv.)[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva LondonLT956LTZ 21562019-08-18 12:29:35BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Arriva LondonLT955LTZ 21552019-08-18 12:29:12BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Arriva LondonLT954LTZ 21542019-08-18 12:28:45BN - BrixtonN - Norwood
Arriva LondonLT844LTZ 18442019-08-18 12:27:56AE - Ash GroveSF - Stamford Hill
Go-Ahead LondonE40LX56 ETD2019-08-18 11:29:39[none]NP - Northumberland
Arriva LondonE40LX56 ETD2019-08-18 11:29:36TC - Croydon[withdrawn or removed]
Go-Ahead LondonWVL459LJ61 NUP2019-08-18 10:33:23NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVL458LJ61 NUO2019-08-18 10:32:46NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVL457LJ61 NUM2019-08-18 10:32:03NP - Northumberland BX - Bexleyheath
Go-Ahead LondonWVL333LX59 DDK2019-08-18 10:31:00NX - New CrossMG - Morden Wharf
Abellio London8502LJ56 ONO2019-08-18 09:59:31TF - Twickenham[unknown]
Abellio London8321YX10 EBA2019-08-18 09:58:46WL - WalworthBC - Beddington Cros
Stagecoach South East17734SK52 USN2019-08-18 09:55:34EastbourneHerne Bay
Stagecoach Manchester19040SN56 AWM2019-08-17 22:44:16[none]Wigan
Stagecoach Manchester19018MX06 XAT2019-08-17 22:44:10[none]Wigan
Stagecoach East Midlands27764FX61 HGL2019-08-17 21:58:53GrimsbyHull
Stagecoach East Midlands17715MK02 EFU2019-08-17 21:57:58Mansfield[unknown]
Stagecoach East Midlands17713ML02 RWK2019-08-17 21:57:46LincolnMansfield
Stagecoach East Midlands17725MK02 EGJ2019-08-17 21:57:33LincolnMansfield
Stagecoach East Midlands17730MK02 EGZ2019-08-17 21:57:22LincolnMansfield
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...34811PX06 DVU2019-08-17 19:23:45[none]Gillmoss
Arriva Midlands3704FD52 GGV2019-08-17 19:05:07DerbyCannock
Arriva Midlands3703FD52 GGU2019-08-17 19:04:49DerbyCannock
Arriva Midlands3702FD52 GGP2019-08-17 19:04:29ThurmastonCannock
Courtney BusesYJ62 FYF2019-08-17 18:13:01[none]Bracknell
Courtney BusesBG14 OPE2019-08-17 17:59:29[none]Bracknell
Courtney BusesBG14 OPB2019-08-17 17:59:11[none]Bracknell
Courtney BusesKX64 AEF2019-08-17 17:54:56[none]Bracknell
Courtney BusesBU16 UYD2019-08-17 17:53:15[none]Finchampstead
Courtney BusesYJ13 HNG2019-08-17 17:49:11[none]Bracknell
Courtney BusesYJ11 OJK2019-08-17 17:47:58[none]Bracknell
Arriva LondonE40LX56 ETD2019-08-17 17:21:12[none]TC - Croydon
Go-Ahead LondonE40LX56 ETD2019-08-17 17:20:37BX - Bexleyheath[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva North East1415NK09 EJD2019-08-17 17:09:21DurhamStockton
Arriva North East1416NK09 EJE2019-08-17 17:09:11DurhamDarlington
Arriva North East1417NK09 EJF2019-08-17 17:08:59DurhamStockton
Arriva North East1418NK09 EJG2019-08-17 17:08:50DurhamStockton
Arriva North East1419NK09 EJJ2019-08-17 17:08:41NewcastleStockton
Arriva North East1420NK09 EJL2019-08-17 17:08:20DurhamStockton
Arriva North East1422NK09 EJX2019-08-17 17:08:02DurhamStockton
Arriva North East1421NK09 EJV2019-08-17 17:07:55DurhamStockton
Arriva North East1423NK09 EJY2019-08-17 17:07:45DurhamStockton
Arriva North East2820YK08 ETV2019-08-17 17:07:32DarlingtonDurham
Arriva North East2819YK08 ETU2019-08-17 17:07:26DarlingtonDurham
HTL BusesDE20076SK07 DYD2019-08-17 17:07:19[none]Huyton
RATP LondonDE20076SK07 DYD2019-08-17 17:07:06RP - Park Royal[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva North East2815YK08 ETL2019-08-17 17:03:37DarlingtonDurham
Arriva North East1499NK12 FLL2019-08-17 17:03:09NewcastleDurham
Arriva North West4653SK15 GYN2019-08-17 12:43:05Green LaneSouthport
Stagecoach Merseyside and ...10572SN16 OTJ2019-08-17 11:31:36Rock FerryGillmoss
East Yorkshire731YX08 FYE2019-08-17 07:18:48Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire377YX63 LLP2019-08-17 07:18:15Hull[unknown]
Stagecoach Cumbria and Nor...18325MX05 WHT2019-08-17 04:52:32Barrow[withdrawn or removed]
Go North West66831MX05 CFK2019-08-17 00:40:21[none]Manchester
Diamond Bus North West20872KX11 EER2019-08-16 22:27:39EcclesBolton
Diamond Bus North West20026MX08 MZG2019-08-16 22:25:53[none]Atherton
Diamond Bus North West69224MX56 AEO2019-08-16 20:47:59Bolton[withdrawn or removed]
Go North West37290MX07 BTF2019-08-16 19:43:06[none]Manchester
Go North West37281MX07 BRF2019-08-16 19:42:39[none]Manchester
Stagecoach East Midlands49902LP15 JYE2019-08-16 18:46:02[none]Lincoln
Stagecoach East Midlands49901FJ14 FKY2019-08-16 18:45:32[none]Gainsborough
Arriva Midlands2748LF02 PLZ2019-08-16 15:39:16TelfordCannock
Go North West37440MX58 DZO2019-08-16 15:36:23[none]Manchester
Arriva Midlands3702FD52 GGP2019-08-16 13:36:18DerbyThurmaston
Arriva Midlands2745LF02 PLX2019-08-16 13:36:13Thurmaston[withdrawn or removed]
Arriva LondonLT233LTZ 12332019-08-16 13:04:45CT - ClaptonSF - Stamford Hill
Arriva LondonLT232LTZ 12322019-08-16 13:04:25CT - ClaptonSF - Stamford Hill
Arriva LondonLT230LTZ 12302019-08-16 13:04:03AE - Ash GroveSF - Stamford Hill
Arriva LondonLT231LTZ 12312019-08-16 13:03:36CT - ClaptonSF - Stamford Hill
Arriva LondonLT230LTZ 12302019-08-16 13:03:07CT - ClaptonAE - Ash Grove
Arriva LondonDW488LJ61 CAU2019-08-16 12:45:19WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW487LJ61 CAO2019-08-16 12:45:04WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW486LJ61 CAE2019-08-16 12:44:47WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW485LJ61 CAA2019-08-16 12:44:32WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW484LJ61 CCU2019-08-16 12:44:17WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW483LJ61 CCO2019-08-16 12:44:03WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW482LJ61 CCN2019-08-16 12:43:48WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW481LJ61 CCK2019-08-16 12:43:30WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW480LJ61 CCF2019-08-16 12:42:49WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW479LJ61 CCE2019-08-16 12:42:30WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW478LJ61 CCD2019-08-16 12:42:10WN - Wood GreenDT - Dartford
Arriva North West4689SK15 HAO2019-08-16 12:40:31SpekeSouthport
Arriva LondonDW532LJ13 CKY2019-08-16 12:30:44AE - Ash GroveDT - Dartford
Arriva LondonDW422LJ11 ACX2019-08-16 12:29:51E - EnfieldAR - Tottenham
Arriva LondonDW421LJ11 ACV2019-08-16 12:29:23E - EnfieldAR - Tottenham
Arriva LondonDW420LJ11 AEN2019-08-16 12:28:59E - EnfieldAR - Tottenham
Arriva LondonDW419LJ11 AEM2019-08-16 12:28:40E - EnfieldAR - Tottenham
Arriva LondonDW418LJ11 AEL2019-08-16 12:28:22E - EnfieldAR - Tottenham
Arriva LondonDW417LJ11 AEK2019-08-16 12:27:59E - EnfieldAR - Tottenham
First Midlands63108SM13 NCO2019-08-16 10:58:58Stoke-on-TrentLeicester
First Midlands63107SM13 NCN2019-08-16 10:58:17Stoke-on-TrentLeicester
First Midlands63106SM13 NCJ2019-08-16 10:57:26[none]Leicester
First Midlands63106SM13 NCJ2019-08-16 10:56:53Stoke-on-Trent[withdrawn or removed]
Tyrers49233YJ64 DYX2019-08-16 00:19:13[none]Farnworth
First Midlands63146SN14 DXK2019-08-16 00:13:22[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63118SK63 KGN2019-08-16 00:12:54[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63117SK63 KGJ2019-08-16 00:12:39[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63116SK63 KGG2019-08-16 00:12:28[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63115SK63 KGF2019-08-16 00:12:15[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63114SK63 KGE2019-08-16 00:11:48[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63113SK63 KGA2019-08-16 00:11:26[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63112SK63 KFZ2019-08-16 00:11:12[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63111SK63 KFY2019-08-16 00:10:53[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63108SM13 NCO2019-08-16 00:10:34[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63107SM13 NCN2019-08-16 00:10:18[none]Stoke-on-Trent
First Midlands63106SM13 NCJ2019-08-16 00:10:04[none]Stoke-on-Trent
Go North West66897MX55 FFH2019-08-15 23:10:27[none]Manchester
Go North West66898MX55 FFJ2019-08-15 23:10:16[none]Manchester
Go North West66896MX55 FFG2019-08-15 23:10:05[none]Manchester
Go North West66893MX55 LDK2019-08-15 23:09:47[none]Manchester
Go North West66891MX55 UAA2019-08-15 23:09:26[none]Manchester
Preston Bus20907DRZ 40182019-08-15 22:57:38[none]Preston
Preston Bus20909BRZ 96622019-08-15 22:57:26Preston[withdrawn or removed]
Motts TravelEU08 FAF2019-08-12 22:39:48[none]Aylesbury
East Yorkshire678YX53 AOD2019-08-12 21:57:53Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire679YX53 AOE2019-08-12 21:57:31Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire680YX53 AOF2019-08-12 21:57:19Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire681YX53 AOG2019-08-12 21:57:07Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire677YY52 LCU2019-08-12 21:56:57Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire676YY52 LCT2019-08-12 21:56:35Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire671YY52 LCL2019-08-12 21:56:21Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire674YY52 LCO2019-08-12 21:56:00Elloughton[unknown]
East Yorkshire673YY52 LCN2019-08-12 21:55:44Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire669PJ02 RBY2019-08-12 21:55:21Bridlington[unknown]
East Yorkshire670YY52 LCK2019-08-12 21:55:07Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire663YX51 AYB2019-08-12 21:54:53Scarborough[unknown]
East Yorkshire659W659 WKH2019-08-12 21:54:30[none]Hull
East Yorkshire662YX51 AYA2019-08-12 21:54:18Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire682YX53 AOH2019-08-12 21:54:01Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire683YX53 AOJ2019-08-12 21:53:48Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire684YX53 AOK2019-08-12 21:53:39Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire685YX53 AOL2019-08-12 21:53:27Hull[unknown]
East Yorkshire783YX14 HFA2019-08-12 21:52:55[none]Scarborough
Go North East783YX14 HFA2019-08-12 21:52:22[none]Sunderland
East Yorkshire783YX14 HFA2019-08-12 21:52:00[none]Scarborough
Go North WestYX13 EFZ2019-08-12 20:57:36[none]Manchester
First Glasgow39142SN16 OGT2019-08-12 20:32:51[none]Caledonia
Arriva North West2950MX09 LXV2019-08-12 15:37:55St HelensWinsford
Diamond Bus North West69224MX56 AEO2019-08-12 12:10:21[none]Bolton
Preston Bus30019BV10 ZJU2019-08-12 10:50:22[none]Preston
Preston Bus30030BF60 OFA2019-08-12 10:50:01[none]Preston
Diamond Bus North West30405YJ61 CHK2019-08-12 10:49:44[none]Bolton
Diamond Bus North West30404YJ61 CHH2019-08-12 10:49:40AthertonBolton
Diamond Bus North West30404YJ61 CHH2019-08-12 10:49:28[none]Atherton
Arriva Midlands5003BX04 MYA2019-08-12 09:52:27ShrewsburyThurmaston
First Greater Manchester37554MX09 GYH2019-08-12 09:22:08BoltonOldham
First Greater Manchester69531BD11 CFE2019-08-12 09:21:40[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester69530BD11 CFF2019-08-12 09:21:31[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester69529BD11 CFJ2019-08-12 09:21:23[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester69528BD11 CFG2019-08-12 09:21:15[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester69527BD11 CEX2019-08-12 09:21:06[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37554MX09 GYH2019-08-12 09:20:51[none]Bolton
First Greater Manchester37551MX09 HUK2019-08-12 09:20:39[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37547MX09 GYK2019-08-12 09:20:29[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37546MX09 GYJ2019-08-12 09:20:20[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37471MX09 GYG2019-08-12 09:20:12[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37456MX58 EAM2019-08-12 09:20:02[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37447MX58 DZW2019-08-12 09:19:50[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37435MX58 DZH2019-08-12 09:19:40[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37434MX58 DZG2019-08-12 09:19:31[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37431MX58 DZD2019-08-12 09:19:22[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37430MX58 DZC2019-08-12 09:19:13[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37429MX58 DZB2019-08-12 09:19:03[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37427MX58 DYY2019-08-12 09:18:53[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37426MX58 DYW2019-08-12 09:18:44[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37425MX58 DYV2019-08-12 09:18:33[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37422MX58 DYS2019-08-12 09:18:23[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37419MX58 DYN2019-08-12 09:18:15[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37418MX58 DYM2019-08-12 09:18:07[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester37417MX58 DYJ2019-08-12 09:17:58[none]Oldham
First West of England37408MX58 DXV2019-08-12 09:15:37[none]Bath
First Essex37408MX58 DXV2019-08-12 09:15:32Clacton[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63146SN14 DXK2019-08-12 09:14:04Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63118SK63 KGN2019-08-12 09:13:53Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63117SK63 KGJ2019-08-12 09:13:45Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63116SK63 KGG2019-08-12 09:13:38Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63115SK63 KGF2019-08-12 09:13:29Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63114SK63 KGE2019-08-12 09:13:19Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63113SK63 KGA2019-08-12 09:13:11Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63112SK63 KFZ2019-08-12 09:13:01Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63111SK63 KFY2019-08-12 09:12:52Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63108SM13 NCO2019-08-12 09:12:41Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Essex37408MX58 DXV2019-08-12 09:12:34[none]Clacton
First Greater Manchester63107SM13 NCN2019-08-12 09:12:31Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester63106SM13 NCJ2019-08-12 09:12:18Oldham[withdrawn or removed]
First Greater Manchester33845SN14 TTO2019-08-12 09:11:13[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester33843SN14 TTJ2019-08-12 09:10:57[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester33842SN14 TTF2019-08-12 09:10:46[none]Oldham
First Greater Manchester69539BF63 HDO2019-08-12 08:49:03BoltonOldham
First Greater Manchester69538BF63 HDU2019-08-12 08:48:57BoltonOldham
First Greater Manchester69537BF63 HDN2019-08-12 08:48:50BoltonOldham
First Greater Manchester36280BD12 TCJ2019-08-12 08:47:55BoltonOldham
First Greater Manchester36279BD12 TDU2019-08-12 08:47:47BoltonOldham
First York37387MX58 DWW2019-08-12 08:01:51[none]York
First South Yorkshire37387MX58 DWW2019-08-12 08:01:13Sheffield[withdrawn or removed]
First York37385MX58 DWU2019-08-12 08:00:44[none]York
First South Yorkshire37385MX58 DWU2019-08-12 08:00:07Sheffield[withdrawn or removed]