Combined : Arriva North West, Arriva Buses Wales - recent updates (last 21 days)

This list shows all depot updates that have been made to the list during the last 21 days.

If asterisks appear, see below the list for an explanation.

F/N.Reg.Date updatedFromTo
661CX57 CYP2019-02-08 11:01:51WrexhamRhyl
661CX57 CYP2019-02-09 11:08:51RhylChester
661CX57 CYP2019-02-10 12:46:39ChesterRhyl
661CX57 CYP2019-02-15 15:40:48RhylWrexham
676CX58 FYU2019-02-17 14:32:20St HelensRhyl
676CX58 FYU2019-02-18 21:58:10RhylSt Helens
723MX12 KXO2019-02-15 13:53:23St HelensBangor
723MX12 KXO2019-02-19 14:26:48BangorSt Helens
2148DK15 EHC2019-02-12 17:38:24WrexhamRhyl
2148DK15 EHC2019-02-12 22:23:34RhylBangor
2491CX54 DKF2019-02-04 17:34:51BirkenheadSpeke
2491CX54 DKF2019-02-12 22:44:02SpekeBirkenhead
2491CX54 DKF2019-02-15 13:42:29BirkenheadSpeke
2495CX54 DKN2019-02-11 16:53:52SpekeBirkenhead
2495CX54 DKN2019-02-20 21:24:35BirkenheadSpeke
2497CX54 DKU2019-02-05 09:03:18SouthportBootle
2500CX54 DLD2019-02-17 20:10:30Green LaneBootle
2522DK55 FXG2019-02-14 22:22:38Green LaneSt Helens
2522DK55 FXG2019-02-20 10:31:43St HelensSouthport
2525DK55 FXL2019-02-04 16:26:21BootleGreen Lane
2531DK55 FXU2019-02-05 14:08:00St HelensGreen Lane
2536DK55 FXZ2019-02-02 17:52:25RuncornWrexham
2536DK55 FXZ2019-02-07 21:00:28WrexhamRuncorn
2537DK55 FYA2019-02-02 17:51:34RuncornChester
2537DK55 FYA2019-02-07 21:00:22ChesterRuncorn
2540DK55 FYD2019-02-02 17:55:18RuncornWrexham
2540DK55 FYD2019-02-07 21:00:34WrexhamRuncorn
2545DK55 FYJ2019-02-02 17:53:37Birkenhead[withdrawn or removed]
2546DK55 FYL2019-02-07 15:49:02RuncornWrexham
2546DK55 FYL2019-02-07 21:00:40WrexhamRuncorn
2583CX06 BHP2019-02-05 16:24:32BootleGreen Lane
2633CX07 CRK2019-02-16 09:31:38Southport[withdrawn or removed]
2633CX07 CRK2019-02-21 11:38:11[none]Southport
2946MX09 LYH2019-02-18 13:17:43Bootle[withdrawn or removed]*
2946MX09 LYH2019-02-18 18:33:26[none]Bootle**
3171CX14 BYJ2019-02-15 16:01:30BangorRhyl
3180YJ57 AZP2019-02-02 18:13:58BootleGreen Lane
3180YJ57 AZP2019-02-09 17:45:20Green LaneBootle
3180YJ57 AZP2019-02-10 12:45:07BootleGreen Lane
3180YJ57 AZP2019-02-12 22:44:16Green LaneBirkenhead
4173LF52 URG2019-01-31 23:06:27[none]Bolton
4173LF52 URG2019-02-02 18:14:14BoltonBirkenhead
4562DK64 BVT2019-01-31 16:30:34SpekeSouthport
4562DK64 BVT2019-02-14 14:56:25SouthportSpeke
4563DK64 BVU2019-01-31 16:30:42SpekeSouthport
4563DK64 BVU2019-02-01 06:37:25SouthportSpeke
4564DK64 BVV2019-01-31 16:30:47SpekeSouthport
4565DK64 BVW2019-01-31 16:30:58SpekeSouthport
4568DK64 BVC2019-01-31 16:29:19SpekeSouthport
4571DK64 BVF2019-01-31 16:30:28SpekeSouthport
4633SN15 LNA2019-01-31 16:30:20BootleSouthport
4665SK15 GZB2019-01-31 16:29:39Green LaneSouthport
4674SK15 GZM2019-02-21 12:08:25SouthportGreen Lane
RF68 FLP2019-02-04 19:37:18[none]Birkenhead
SN16 OGU2019-02-12 22:59:53[none]Green Lane

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that a change was made from an IP address that has been the source of known-bad edits, and has subsequently been blacklisted. A double asterisk (**) indicates a reversion of such a change. In most of these cases it can be presumed that the movement in question never actually occurred. However, we routinely revert ALL edits emanating from blacklisted addresses, unless information to substantiate them is easily found; it is therefore possible that some good edits may inadvertently be rolled back in this way.