Arriva Buses Wales - recent updates (last 21 days)

This list shows all depot updates that have been made to the list during the last 21 days.

If asterisks appear, see below the list for an explanation.

F/N.Reg.Date updatedFromTo
2554DK55 FYV2019-04-15 14:17:24BangorSpeke
2616CX56 CEU2019-04-14 20:11:22BangorWinsford
2492CX54 DKJ2019-04-14 20:10:54BangorChester
2616CX56 CEU2019-04-12 15:04:04WinsfordBangor
2492CX54 DKJ2019-04-12 15:03:44ChesterBangor
2493CX54 DKK2019-04-11 22:06:33Green LaneBangor
2554DK55 FYV2019-04-11 22:05:58SpekeBangor
2495CX54 DKN2019-04-10 16:18:24Green LaneBangor
2614CX56 CEN2019-04-10 16:16:39BirkenheadBangor
2514DK55 FWY2019-04-06 16:16:03BangorRhyl
2502CX54 DLJ2019-04-06 11:48:14RhylBangor
2551DK55 FYR2019-04-05 19:20:31RhylChester
4191Y706 XJF2019-04-05 15:19:50Chester[withdrawn or removed]
2551DK55 FYR2019-04-03 09:03:38ChesterRhyl
4187Y702 XJF2019-04-02 21:24:14BangorChester
2514DK55 FWY2019-04-02 17:48:18RhylBangor
4189Y704 XJF2019-03-31 20:43:32Bangor[withdrawn or removed]
4186Y701 XJF2019-03-31 20:43:12Bangor[withdrawn or removed]