Stagecoach Manchester - recent updates (last 21 days)

This list shows all depot updates that have been made to the list during the last 21 days.

If asterisks appear, see below the list for an explanation.

F/N.Reg.Date updatedFromTo
12054MX60 BVW2019-02-17 15:12:13Hyde Road[withdrawn or removed]
25320YJ61 JHK2019-02-12 20:43:58Stockport[withdrawn or removed]
25321YJ61 JHL2019-02-12 20:43:00Stockport[withdrawn or removed]
25322YJ61 JHO2019-02-12 20:41:56Stockport[withdrawn or removed]
47824MM59 BLU2019-02-06 16:04:14Stockport[withdrawn or removed]
47823ML59 BLU2019-02-06 16:04:04Stockport[withdrawn or removed]
47822MK59 BLU2019-02-06 16:03:59Stockport[withdrawn or removed]
22582SF08 GOK2019-02-06 16:02:41Wigan[withdrawn or removed]
47825YJ11 EKX2019-02-06 15:58:07Stockport[withdrawn or removed]
47473PX07 GZY2019-02-06 15:58:00Wigan[withdrawn or removed]
47472PX07 GZW2019-02-06 15:57:55Wigan[withdrawn or removed]
36421MX11 HGL2019-02-06 15:57:28SharstonAshton
19407MX58 FTD2019-02-06 15:56:58SharstonStockport
19405MX58 FTA2019-02-06 15:56:53SharstonStockport
19404MX58 FSZ2019-02-06 15:56:45SharstonStockport