Preston Bus - recent updates (last 21 days)

This list shows all depot updates that have been made to the list during the last 21 days.

If asterisks appear, see below the list for an explanation.

F/N.Reg.Date updatedFromTo
20907DRZ 40182019-08-15 22:57:38[none]Preston
20909BRZ 96622019-08-15 22:57:26Preston[withdrawn or removed]
30019BV10 ZJU2019-08-12 10:50:22[none]Preston
30030BF60 OFA2019-08-12 10:50:01[none]Preston
32303SK16 GXR2019-08-11 09:42:20Preston[withdrawn or removed]
30118YT61 FEM2019-08-11 09:20:12[none]Preston
30117YT61 FEO2019-08-11 09:19:36[none]Preston
30116YT61 FEP2019-08-11 09:19:11[none]Preston
30114YT61 FEV2019-08-11 09:14:14[none]Preston
32301SK16 GXO2019-08-05 12:42:57Preston[withdrawn or removed]
30852BU08 DBV2019-08-02 19:01:00Preston[withdrawn or removed]
30851BU08 DBX2019-08-02 19:00:36Preston[withdrawn or removed]
30118YT61 FEM2019-08-02 18:57:40Preston[withdrawn or removed]
30117YT61 FEO2019-08-02 18:57:24Preston[withdrawn or removed]
30116YT61 FEP2019-08-02 18:57:05Preston[withdrawn or removed]