Preston Bus - recent updates (last 21 days)

This list shows all depot updates that have been made to the list during the last 21 days.

If asterisks appear, see below the list for an explanation.

F/N.Reg.Date updatedFromTo
40406PO56 RSY2019-02-11 17:43:31[none]Preston
40412YV03 PZJ2019-02-11 17:42:55[none]Preston
40415YV03 RBF2019-02-11 17:42:38[none]Preston
40631PN03 ULU2019-02-07 18:21:38AthertonPreston
40594V194 EBV2019-02-07 17:57:35Preston[withdrawn or removed]
40592V192 EBV2019-02-07 17:57:28Preston[withdrawn or removed]
40590V190 EBV2019-02-07 17:56:54Preston[withdrawn or removed]
40582X182 RRN2019-02-07 17:56:44Preston[withdrawn or removed]
20830YJ56 AUH2019-02-07 17:26:47PrestonEccles
30221SR05 XMK2019-02-07 17:25:49[none]Preston
40414YV03 PZZ2019-02-07 17:24:56AthertonPreston
40411YU52 XVR2019-02-07 17:24:51AthertonPreston
40206LJ04 LFA2019-02-07 17:24:46AthertonPreston
20403YJ61 CHG2019-02-06 19:42:36EcclesPreston