Plymouth Citybus

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Updated 02 Aug 2019

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100WA12 ACJPlymouthVolvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2Blue Flash
103WA12 ACVPlymouthVolvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2Blue Flash
104WA12 ACXPlymouthVolvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2Blue Flash
105WA12 ACYPlymouthVolvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2Blue Flash
106WA12 ACZPlymouthVolvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2Plymouth Citybus
107WA12 ADOPlymouthVolvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2Plymouth Citybus
108WA12 ADUPlymouthVolvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2Plymouth Citybus
460LX06 EZLPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
461LX06 EZNPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
462LX06 EZOPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
463LX06 EZPPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
464LX06 EZRPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
465LX06 EZSPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
466LX06 EZTPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
467LX06 EYYPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
468LX06 EZDPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
469LX06 EZEPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
470LX06 EZFPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
471LX06 EZGPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
472LX06 EZHPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
473LX06 ECTPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
474LX06 ECVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
475LX06 FKLPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
476LX06 FKMPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
501WF63 LZAPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
502WF63 LZBPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
503WF63 LZCPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red Flash
504WF63 LZDPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
505WF63 LYOPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red Flash
506WF63 LYPPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red Flash
507WF63 LYRPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red Flash
508WF63 LYSPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
509WF63 LYTPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red Flash
510WF63 LYUPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red Flash
511WF63 LYVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
512WF63 LYWPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red Flash
513WF63 LYXPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red Flash
514WF63 LYYPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
515WF63 LYZPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
516WF63 LZEPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red Flash
517WG63 HHVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
518WG63 HHWPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
519WG63 HHXPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
520WG63 HHYPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
521WJ65 BYMPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
522WJ65 BYNPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
523WJ65 BYOPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
524WJ65 BYPPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
525WJ65 BYRPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
526WJ65 BYSPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
527WJ65 BYTPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
528WJ65 BYUPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
529WJ65 BYVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
530WJ65 BYWPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
531WJ65 BYXPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
532WJ65 BYYPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
533WJ65 BYZPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
534WJ65 BZAPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
535WJ65 BZBPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
536WJ65 BZCPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Plymouth Citybus
537WJ65 BZDPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
538WJ65 BZEPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Yellow Flash
550WA17 FSUPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
551WA17 FSVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
552WA17 FSXPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
553WA17 FSYPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
554WA17 FSZPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
555WA17 FTCPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
556WA17 FTDPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
557WA17 FTEPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
558WA17 FTFPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
559WA17 FTPPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
560WA17 FTTPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
561WA17 FTUPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
562WA17 FTVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
563WA17 FTXPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
564WA17 FTYPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CitySpark
565WA17 FTZPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 CityPlymouth Citybus
701AU62 DWCPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldOrange Flash
702AU62 DWGPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldOrange Flash
703AU62 DWLPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldPlymouth Citybus
704AU62 DWNPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldOrange Flash
705WX62 HFUPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldOrange Flash
706WX62 HGUPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldPlymouth Citybus
707WX62 HHEPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldPlymouth Citybus
708WX62 HHFPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldPlymouth Citybus
709WX62 HHPPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldPlymouth Citybus
710AU13 FBJPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldPlymouth Citybus
711AU13 FBKPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldPlymouth Citybus
712AU13 FBLPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldPlymouth Citybus
713WX62 HGGPlymouthMAN 18.270 EcoCity / Caetano CityGoldPlymouth Citybus