Original London Tour

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Updated 09 Feb 2019

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Show depot:

ULE100PO68 CAXWandsworthUnvi Urbis (electric)Original Tour
DLP212T212 XBVWandsworthVDL DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP213T213 XBVWandsworthVDL DB250 / Plaxton PresidentLondon City Tour
DLP214T214 XBVWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentLondon City Tour
DLP215T215 XBVWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentLondon City Tour
DLP216T216 XBVWandsworthVDL DB250 / Plaxton PresidentLondon City Tour
DLP241Y541 UGCWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP242Y542 UGCWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP243Y543 UGCWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP244Y544 UGCWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP245TNZ 1245WandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP246Y546 UGCWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP247Y547 UGCWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP248Y548 UGCWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP249Y549 UGCWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP250Y50 OLSWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP251LJ51 DJVWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP252LJ51 DJXWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP253LJ51 DJYWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP254LJ51 DJZWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP256LJ51 DKDWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP257LJ51 DKEWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentLondon City Tour
DLP258LJ51 DKFWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP259LJ51 DKKWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentLondon City Tour
DLP260LJ51 DKLWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP261LJ51 DKNWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentLondon City Tour
DLP262LJ51 DKOWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
DLP264LJ51 DKVWandsworthDAF DB250 / Plaxton PresidentOriginal Tour
YLY599LO15 OLSWandsworthAyats BravoOriginal Tour
YLY600LO15 OLTWandsworthAyats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY601LX05 GDVWandsworthVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY602LX05 GDYWandsworthVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY603LX05 GDZWandsworthVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY604LX05 GEJHounslowVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY605LX05 HROWandsworthVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY606LX05 HSCWandsworthVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY607LX05 KNZHounslowVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY608LX05 KOAHounslowVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY609EU05 DVWWandsworthVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLY610EU05 DVXWandsworthVolvo B7L / Ayats BravoOriginal Tour
VLE611LJ07 XENHounslowVolvo B9TL / East Lancs VisionaireOriginal Tour
VLE612LJ07 XEOWandsworthVolvo B9TL / East Lancs VisionaireOriginal Tour
VLE613LJ07 XEPHounslowVolvo B9TL / East Lancs VisionaireOriginal Tour
VLE614LJ07 XERWandsworthVolvo B9TL / East Lancs VisionaireOriginal Tour
VLE615LJ07 XESWandsworthVolvo B9TL / East Lancs VisionaireLondon City Tour
VLE616LJ07 XETWandsworthVolvo B9TL / East Lancs VisionaireLondon City Tour
VLE617LJ07 XEUWandsworthVolvo B9TL / East Lancs VisionaireOriginal Tour
VLE618LJ07 XEVWandsworthVolvo B9TL / East Lancs VisionaireOriginal Tour
VLE619LJ07 XEWWandsworthVolvo B9TL / East Lancs VisionaireOriginal Tour
VLE620LJ07 UDDHounslowVolvo B9TL / East Lancs Visionairenon-standard
VXE721YJ11 TVAWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE722YJ11 TVCWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE723YJ11 TVDWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE724YJ11 TVEWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE725YJ11 TVFWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE726YJ11 TVKWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE727YJ11 TVLWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE728YJ11 TVMWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE729YJ11 TVNWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE730YJ11 TVOWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE731YJ11 TVPWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE732YJ11 TVTWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE733YJ11 TVUWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE734YJ11 TVVWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
VXE735YJ11 TVWWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare Visionairenon-standard
VXE736YJ11 TVXWandsworthVolvo B9TL / Optare VisionaireOriginal Tour
YXY791LS66 OLSWandsworthAyats BravoOriginal Tour
YXY792LS66 OLTWandsworthAyats BravoOriginal Tour
YXY793LT66 LSTWandsworthAyats BravoOriginal Tour
YXY794LT66 OSTWandsworthAyats BravoOriginal Tour