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Updated 03 Aug 2019

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EU06 KNRHeaton ChapelDennis Dart MPD / Plaxton Pointer 2MCT white/red
DK56 LWJRochdaleDennis Dart MPD / Plaxton Pointer 2White+branch
MX59 NWNRochdaleAlexander Dennis Enviro200MCT white/red
SN59 AXAHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
KX10 DVNHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX60 DYBHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200MCT white/red
YX60 FDCRochdaleAlexander Dennis Enviro200MCT white/red
YJ11 ENPHeaton ChapelOptare Versa HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ11 ENRHeaton ChapelOptare Versa HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YX11 AECRochdaleAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
YX11 AEJHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
YX11 GAARochdaleAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX11 HPLRochdaleAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
YJ61 JDOHeaton ChapelOptare Solo SR HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JDUHeaton ChapelOptare Solo SR HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JDXRochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JDZHeaton ChapelOptare Solo SR HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JEOHeaton ChapelOptare Solo SR HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JEURochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JFAHeaton ChapelOptare Solo SR HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JFERochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JHKHeaton ChapelOptare Versa HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JHLHeaton ChapelOptare Versa HybridTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JHORochdaleOptare Versa HybridTfGM Silver/Green
MX12 DZBHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
MX12 DZCHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200MCT white/red
MX12 DZERochdaleAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
MX12 DZFHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
MX12 DZGHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200MCT white/red
MX62 AWGRochdaleAlexander Dennis Enviro200MCT white/red
YJ13 HLAHeaton ChapelOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YJ13 HLERochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YJ13 HLFRochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YJ13 HLGHeaton ChapelOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YJ13 HLHRochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YJ13 HLKRochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YJ13 HLMHeaton ChapelOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YJ13 HLNRochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YJ13 HLORochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YJ13 HLPRochdaleOptare Solo SR HybridMCT white/red
YX15 XMJHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX65 RHFHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YY67 HBKHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200White+branch
YY67 HBLHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200White+branch
YX19 ONPHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite+branch
YX19 ONRHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite+branch
YX19 ONSHeaton ChapelAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite+branch