Llew Jones International

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Updated 07 Jul 2021

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RSU 407LlanrwstDuple 425White
SIL 3843LlanrwstVolvo B10M / Plaxton ExcaliburWhite
R50 TGMLlanrwst (r)Volvo B10M / Plaxton PremiereWhite
JIW 297LlanrwstDAF SB3000 / Van Hool AlizeeWhite
LJI 8023LlanrwstOptare SoloWhite
GIG 7078Llanrwst (r)DAF SB3000 / Van Hool AlizeeWhite
LJI 7211LlanrwstVolvo B10M / Plaxton PantherWhite
KE54 FUVLlanrwstMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton Beaver 2White
LJI 6786LlanrwstAlexander Dennis Enviro300 (old style)White/blue
GN55 FDKLlanrwstVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
YJ55 BGOLlanrwstOptare SoloWhite
YN06 JFVLlanrwstMercedes-Benz Atego / Unvi TouringWhite
SUI 4524LlanrwstOptare SoloWhite
MX07 NTELlanrwstOptare SoloWhite/blue
TUI 8466LlanrwstMercedes-Benz Atego / Unvi TouringBlack
SF09 AFELlanrwst (r)Optare VersaLlew Jones
WA09 DZMLlanrwstBova FuturaWhite
MX59 AVTLlanrwstOptare SoloWhite/blue
YJ59 NOULlanrwstOptare SoloWhite/blue
YN59 GOELlanrwstMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Plaxton ProntoWhite
LJI 2221LlanrwstScania / Berkhof AxialGrey
YJ10 EZRLlanrwstOptare SoloLlew Jones
FX60 YEDLlanrwstMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Ferqui SorocoGrey
YX60 BZRLlanrwstVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
YX60 BZSLlanrwstVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
YJ61 JHXLlanrwstOptare SoloWhite/blue
YJ61 MMALlanrwstOptare TempoTrawsCymru
YJ61 MMELlanrwstOptare TempoTrawsCymru
SD12 NSFLlanrwstMercedes-Benz SprinterWhite
1839 LJLlanrwstNeoplan TourlinerGrey
SA13 YPHLlanrwst (r)Volvo B13RT / Plaxton PantherGrey
OXK 76LlanrwstVan Hool AstromegaWhite
YA13 AAFLlanrwstOptare TempoTrawsCymru
YA13 AAJLlanrwstOptare TempoTrawsCymru
YJ13 HHPLlanrwstOptare Solo SR HybridWhite
YJ13 HHRLlanrwstOptare Solo SR HybridWhite
YD63 UZMLlanrwstOptare TempoTrawsCymru
YP63 ZWXLlanrwstScania / Berkhof Axial 100White
LJ14 LLJLlanrwstNeoplan TourlinerGrey
WA14 DVJLlanrwst (r)Van Hool AcronWhite
YJ14 JEOLlanrwst (r)Yutong TC12Grey
YJ14 JFKLlanrwstYutong TC12White
LJI 5520LlanrwstScania OmniExpressLlew Jones
LJ15 LLJLlanrwstOptare Solo SRWhite/blue
LJI 3740LlanrwstMercedes-Benz TourismoShearings
YJ15 AAOLlanrwst (*)Optare MetroCityAPH
YJ15 AFZLlanrwstOptare Solo SRnon-standard
YN15 ENCLlanrwstScania / Irizar CenturySkills
YN15 ENELlanrwstScania / Irizar CenturySkills
YN15 ENFLlanrwstScania / Irizar CenturyWhite
BD65 JFOLlanrwstScania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
BG65 TGKLlanrwstScania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
BG65 TGULlanrwstScania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
BX65 WCZLlanrwst (r)Volvo B11RT / Caetano Levante 2National Express
WJ65 ELVLlanrwstVDL Futura 2White
YJ65 EPXLlanrwst (*)Optare MetroCitynon-standard
CX16 WDTLlanrwst (r)Mercedes-Benz TourismoWhite
YJ16 DRZLlanrwst (*)Optare MetroCityAPH
YJ16 DYSLlanrwstOptare MetroCity
YJ16 ELOLlanrwstTemsa MD9White
BT66 MPVLlanrwstVolvo B11RT / Jonckheere SHV
LJ66 LLJLlanrwstScania / Caetano Levante 2Llew Jones
RF17 SYCLlanrwstMercedes-Benz Sprinter
WJ17 EZFLlanrwstMercedes-Benz Atego / Indcar NextWhite
LJ17 LLJLlanrwstYutong TC12Grey
YN17 OOYLlanrwstScania InterlinkWhite
LJ67 LLJLlanrwstScania / Caetano Levante 2Llew Jones
BU18 YTDLlanrwstMercedes-Benz TourismoShearings
BU18 YTLLlanrwstMercedes-Benz TourismoShearings
LJ18 LLJLlanrwstScania / Higer Touringnon-standard
SJ18 LLJLlanrwstScania / Higer TouringWhite
YJ18 BAOLlanrwstTemsa MD9White
YT68 GWFLlanrwstScania Interlink
LJ68 LLJLlanrwstIrizar i8Grey
LJ19 LLJLlanrwstMercedes-Benz TourismoLlew Jones
LJ20 LLJLlanrwstMercedes-Benz TourismoLlew Jones
LJ21 LLJLlanrwstYutong TC9Silver