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Updated 05 Oct 2019

To record a change of depot or livery, click on a vehicle to bring up the vehicle record, then use the "change" button. If a vehicle has been withdrawn and needs to be removed from the list, this option can be found under "change depot". If a vehicle is missing, search for it, and if it isn't found on the database, click the "Suggest" button to get it added. Report any problems or send any feedback to dave at quack seventy-seven dot uk.

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C0400MX60 BWPCoatbridgeWright StreetLite WFMcGill's
G0401MX60 BWHGreenockWright StreetLite WFMcGill's
G0402MX60 BWJGreenockWright StreetLite WFMcGill's
G0403MX60 BWKGreenockWright StreetLite WFMcGill's
G0404MX60 GXAGreenockWright StreetLite WFMcGill's
I0607FJ11 GJXInchinnanVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteMcGill's white
I0608FJ11 GJYInchinnanVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteMcGill's white
I0609FJ11 GKAInchinnanVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteMcGill's white
I0610FJ11 GLVInchinnanVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteMcGill's white
I0711CKZ 35InchinnanScania / Caetano LevanteMcGill's white
I0712TIW 4227InchinnanScania / Caetano LevanteMcGill's white
G3350BF67 WKJGreenockMercedes-Benz CitaroMcGill's
J3351BF67 WKHJohnstoneMercedes-Benz CitaroMcGill's
J3352BF67 WKKJohnstoneMercedes-Benz CitaroMcGill's
J3353BF67 WKLJohnstoneMercedes-Benz CitaroMcGill's
J3354BF67 WKMJohnstoneMercedes-Benz CitaroMcGill's
J3355BF67 WKNJohnstoneMercedes-Benz CitaroMcGill's
I4100YX19 OSLInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4101YX19 OSMInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4102YX19 OSNInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4103YX19 OSOInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4104YX19 OSPInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4105YX19 OSRInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4106YX19 OSUInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4107YX19 OSVInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4108YX19 OSWInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4109YX19 OSYInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4110YX19 OSZInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4200YX19 OTAInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4201YX19 OTBInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4202YX19 OTCInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4203YX19 OTDInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4204YX19 OTEInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4205YX19 OTFInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4206YX19 OTGInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4207YX19 OTHInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4208YX19 OTJInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4209YX19 OTKInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4210YX19 OTMInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4211YX19 OTNInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4212YX19 OTPInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4213YX19 OTRInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4214YX19 OTSInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCMcGill's
I4406SF05 HPJInchinnanDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2McGill's
I4408SN05 HCYInchinnanDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2McGill's
I4409SN05 HCZInchinnanDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2McGill's
I4410SN05 HDAInchinnanDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2McGill's
G4484SN06 JPVGreenockDennis Dart MPD / Plaxton Pointer 2McGill's
B4486SF04 VSZBarrheadDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2McGill's
J4487SF04 VTAJohnstoneDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2McGill's
I6001YJ09 CVHInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
I6002YJ09 CVKInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
I6003YJ09 CVLInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
I6004YJ09 CUVInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
I6005YJ09 CVMInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
I6006YJ09 CVNInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
I6007YJ09 CVOInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
I6008YJ09 CVRInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
I6009YJ09 CUWInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
I6010YJ09 CUXInchinnanVDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2McGill's
G6011YJ04 HJCGreenockVDL SB200 / Wright CommanderMcGill's
G6012YJ04 HJDGreenockVDL SB200 / Wright CommanderMcGill's
G6013YJ04 HJEGreenockVDL SB200 / Wright CommanderMcGill's
G6014YJ04 HJFGreenockVDL SB200 / Wright CommanderMcGill's
I6902LJ05 BMYInchinnanVDL DB250 / Wright Pulsar GeminiMcGill's
I6904LJ05 BNAInchinnanVDL DB250 / Wright Pulsar GeminiMcGill's
I6905LJ05 BNBInchinnanVDL DB250 / Wright Pulsar GeminiMcGill's
I6908LJ05 BNLInchinnanVDL DB250 / Wright Pulsar GeminiMcGill's
I6909LJ05 GKXInchinnanVDL DB250 / Wright Pulsar GeminiMcGill's
I6911LJ05 GKZInchinnanVDL DB250 / Wright Pulsar GeminiMcGill's
C7288YJ05 XMTCoatbridgeOptare SoloMcGill's
I8010YY64 GRFInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
B8011YY64 GWNBarrheadAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
I8012YY64 GWOInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
I8013YY64 GWPInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
I8014YY64 GWUInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
I8015YY64 GWVInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
I8016YY64 YKDInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
I8017YY64 YKEInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
I8018YY64 YKFInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
I8019YY64 YKGInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
I8020YY64 YKHInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
G8455SN09 CGYGreenockAlexander Dennis Enviro300McGill's
G8456SN09 CGZGreenockAlexander Dennis Enviro300McGill's
I8471SN59 BAAInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro300McGill's
I8472SN59 BBEInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro300McGill's
I8473SN59 AWYInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro300McGill's
I8474SN59 AWZInchinnanAlexander Dennis Enviro300McGill's
C7292YJ68 FXOCoatbridgeOptare Solo SRMcGill's
C7818YJ16 DXGCoatbridgeOptare Solo SRnon-standard
C8431YX62 FEUCoatbridgeAlexander Dennis Enviro200McGill's
H7819YJ16 DXFOptare Solo SRnon-standard
J7293YJ68 FXPJohnstoneOptare Solo SRMcGill's
J7294YJ68 FXRJohnstoneOptare Solo SRMcGill's
YY16 YJWAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YY66 PDKAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YY67 HBEAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YY67 HBJAlexander Dennis Enviro200White