A-Line Coaches (N.E.)

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Updated 07 Jul 2021

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120GB53 BCLPelawVolvo B12B / Caetano EnigmaA-Line
213YJ14 BHNPelawOptare VersaA-Line
214YJ14 BHOPelawOptare VersaA-Line
253NK53 UOCPelawScania / Wright SolarA-Line
254NK54 NUUPelawScania / Wright SolarA-Line
255SN58 BYPPelawVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseA-Line
256SN58 BYSPelawVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseA-Line
3983PJ02 PZLPelawVolvo B7TL / East Lancs Myllennium Vykingnon-standard
4922X922 WGRPelawVolvo B10BLE / Wright RenownGo North East
W177 SCUPelawDennis Trident / East Lancs Lolynenon-standard