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Updated 22 Jul 2021

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A12 ESSMilnsbridgeVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Stotts
A7 ESSMilnsbridgeVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Stotts
A14 ESSMilnsbridgeVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Stotts
A6 ESSMilnsbridgeVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Stotts
PN03 UFWMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
PN03 UFXMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
YE04 NBWMilnsbridgeVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Stotts
YJ54 UBLMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
MX05 OUFMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
YJ05 WCOMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
YK05 CCNMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
YJ55 BLZMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
YJ55 YHBMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
YK55 ENRMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
GN07 WVAMilnsbridgeVolvo B9TL / East Lancs OlympusStotts
MX07 JNFMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
MX57 UPPMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
MX57 UPRMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
SN08 AAJMilnsbridgeAlexander Dennis Enviro300 (old style)Stotts
MX58 KYYMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
MX58 KYZMilnsbridgeOptare SoloStotts
FJ60 EGDMilnsbridgeVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteStotts
SB12 NNEMilnsbridgeVolvo B9R / Plaxton EliteStotts
YN12 BVDMilnsbridgeVolvo B9R / Plaxton EliteStotts
YN12 BVEMilnsbridgeVolvo B9R / Plaxton EliteStotts
BK14 LFFMilnsbridgeVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteWhite
BV17 GRKMilnsbridge (r)Volvo B11RT / Caetano Levante 2National Express
BV17 GRUMilnsbridge (r)Volvo B11RT / Caetano Levante 2National Express
BV67 JXMMilnsbridge (r)Volvo B11RT / Caetano Levante 2National Express
ST19 OTTMilnsbridgeVDL Futura 2Stotts
BV69 KPAMilnsbridge (r)Volvo B11RT / Caetano Levante 3National Express
BV69 KPEMilnsbridge (r)Volvo B11RT / Caetano Levante 3National Express
ST69 OTTMilnsbridgeVDL Futura 2Stotts