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Updated 23 Sep 2020

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LIG 9287Wigton (t)Volvo B10M / Plaxton Panthernon-standard
VV57 BOYWigtonMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahWhite
472 HKEWigtonMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahWhite
YJ14 CFGWigtonVan Hool AstronReays
RX65 YRLMercedes-Benz SprinterReays
RX65 YRMMercedes-Benz SprinterReays
RX65 YRNMercedes-Benz SprinterReays
RX65 YROMercedes-Benz SprinterReays
SN16 ORLEgremontAlexander Dennis Enviro200Reays
SN16 OROEgremontAlexander Dennis Enviro200Reays
YJ16 EHHVan Hool AstronReays
YJ16 EKKVan Hool AstronReays
SJ66 LMEVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Reays
SN66 WKHEgremontAlexander Dennis Enviro200Reays
SN66 WKJEgremontAlexander Dennis Enviro200Reays
YJ66 FFVTemsa MD9Reays
YJ66 FFXTemsa MD9Reays
4 WJRVan Hool AltanoBlack
YJ17 CWXTemsa MD9White
YJ17 CWYTemsa MD9Reays
3 JXANeoplan TourlinerReays
2 NXANeoplan TourlinerReays
BV18 AXUVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Reays
BV18 AXWVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Reays
BV18 AXXVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Reays
BV18 AXYVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Reays
YJ18 AYGTemsa SafariReays
YJ18 AYHTemsa SafariReays
YJ18 AYKTemsa SafariReays
YJ18 AYLTemsa SafariReays
YJ18 AYMTemsa SafariReays
YJ18 AYNTemsa SafariReays
YJ18 AYOTemsa SafariReays
YJ18 AYPTemsa SafariReays
YJ18 AYSTemsa SafariReays
YJ18 AYTTemsa SafariReays
BD68 GKYIveco Daily / Ferqui SRReays
BN68 XRCVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Reays
BN68 XREVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Reays
BT68 LVCIveco Daily / Ferqui SRReays
BT68 LVDIveco Daily / Ferqui SRReays
LT68 ANXCarlisleMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataReays
LT68 AOACarlisleMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataReays
LT68 AOBCarlisleMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataReays
LT68 AOCCarlisleMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataReays
YJ68 CBYTemsa MD9Reays
YJ68 CDYTemsa MD9Reays
YJ68 CHYTemsa MD9Reays
YJ68 CJYTemsa MD9Reays
BV19 LMEWigtonVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Reays
BV19 LMFWigtonVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Reays
YJ19 AXMTemsa SafariReays
YJ19 AXOTemsa SafariReays
YJ19 AXPTemsa SafariReays
YJ19 AXRTemsa SafariReays
YJ19 AXSTemsa SafariReays
YJ19 AXTTemsa SafariReays
YJ19 AXUTemsa SafariReays
YJ19 AXVTemsa SafariReays
YJ19 AXWTemsa SafariReays
YJ19 BAOVan Hool AstromegaReays
RX20 PZJWigtonMercedes-Benz SprinterWhite
RX20 PZKWigtonMercedes-Benz SprinterWhite