First Group (unknown division)

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Updated 22 Jan 2021

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30569WU02 KVKVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400First 2012
30571WU02 KVMVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400First 2012
30573WU02 KVPVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400First 2012
30574WU02 KVRVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400First 2012
31139YU52 VYPVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400First 2012
32265LT52 WWL (-)Volvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400First 2012
41521LK03 UEY (a)Dennis Dart SLF / Caetano Nimbusnon-standard
41541LK53 FEFDennis Dart SLF / Caetano NimbusFirst original
42904WX05 RVM (-)Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Badgerline
44526YX62 DXHAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
47603SN14 FFHWright StreetLite DFFirst red/maroon
65014YN54 NZKScania OmniCity (s/d)First 2012
65015YN54 NZMScania OmniCity (s/d)First 2012
65726LK55 ACJScania / Wright SolarDiscover
65745SN55 JVKScania / Wright SolarFirst 2x blue
65746SN55 JVLScania / Wright SolarFirst 2x blue
65755SK02 ZYGScania / Wright SolarFirst 2012
65756SK02 ZYHScania / Wright SolarFirst 2012
66307KV02 VVJVolvo B7L / Wright EclipseFirst purple front
66308KV02 VVKVolvo B7L / Wright EclipseFirst purple front
66311KV02 VVNVolvo B7L / Wright EclipseFirst purple front
66726WX54 XDKVolvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipsenon-standard
66861MX05 CHZVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
66913MX55 FGCVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
66956WX55 TZTVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69139MX06 VOPVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69142MX06 VOVVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69143MX06 VOYVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69175MX06 VPOVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69198MX06 VPVVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69202MX06 VRCVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012