First Buses of Somerset

N.B. This list is incomplete.

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Updated 08 Nov 2019

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29101YJ14 JFGTauntonYutong TC12White
29102YJ14 JFKTauntonYutong TC12White
30930X798 NWRBridgwaterVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400First 2012
32961MIG 4761BridgwaterDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentBuses of Somerset
33125LT02 NVNBridgwaterDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentFirst 2012
33127LT02 NVPTauntonDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentFirst 2012
33377XFF 283TauntonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Buses of Somerset
33378UHW 661TauntonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Buses of Somerset
33379WSV 409TauntonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Buses of Somerset
33380OIG 1790TauntonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Buses of Somerset
33381OIG 1791TauntonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Buses of Somerset
33382OIG 1792TauntonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Buses of Somerset
42860TT03 TRUTauntonDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Buses of Somerset
42924SN05 EAATauntonDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2First 2012
42942WA56 OAPTauntonDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2First original
42946WA56 FTVYeovilDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2First 2012
42949WX06 OMFYeovilDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2First 2012
42950WX06 OMGYeovilDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2First 2012
42951WX06 OMHYeovilDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2First 2012
42952WX06 OMJYeovilDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2First 2012
42953WX06 OMKYeovilDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2White
42954WX06 OMLYeovilDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2First 2012
43811MIG 5685BridgwaterDennis Dart MPD / Plaxton Pointer 2Buses of Somerset
43821X201 HAEBridgwaterDennis Dart MPD / Plaxton Pointer 2Buses of Somerset
43822X202 HAETauntonDennis Dart MPD / Plaxton Pointer 2Buses of Somerset
43906SK52 OKFYeovilDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2First 2012
44076YX58 HVFTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44077YX58 HVGTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44078YX58 HVHTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44079YX58 HVJTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44507YX58 HWFTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44508YX58 HWGTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44510YX58 HWJTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44534SN62 DCXBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44535SN62 DCYBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44536SN62 DCZBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44637MX14 FUHBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44639YX14 RZGBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44640SK15 GXYBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44922YX09 ADVTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44923YX09 ADZTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44924YX09 AHKTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44932MX62 AVVTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
44933YW14 FHUTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
45111YX58 FRJTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
45112YX58 FRKTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
45113YX58 FRLTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
45114YX58 FRNTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
45115YX58 FRPTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
47535MK63 XAMTauntonWright StreetLite DFPark & Ride
47536MK63 XANTauntonWright StreetLite DFPark & Ride
47537MK63 XAOTauntonWright StreetLite DFPark & Ride
47538MK63 XAPTauntonWright StreetLite DFPark & Ride
47540MX62 ARUTauntonWright StreetLite DFBuses of Somerset
47541MX13 BAVTauntonWright StreetLite DFWhite
47542MX13 BBFTauntonWright StreetLite DFWhite
47543MX13 BBJTauntonWright StreetLite DFWhite
47572MX13 BCUTauntonWright StreetLite DFWhite
50466SJ03 DPXYeovilOptare SoloFirst 2012
50467SJ03 DPYYeovilOptare SoloFirst 2012
53054LK53 MDEYeovilOptare SoloFirst 2012
53055LK53 MDFYeovilOptare SoloBuses of Somerset
53056LK53 MDJYeovilOptare SoloBuses of Somerset
53057LK53 PNOYeovilOptare SoloFirst 2012
53151YN03 ZVWYeovilOptare SoloFirst 2012
53205YJ05 XNVTauntonOptare SoloBuses of Somerset
53209CN07 KZMYeovilOptare SoloFirst 2012
53402WN54 HHUTauntonOptare Solonon-standard
53403TL54 TVLTauntonOptare SoloKernow green
53404TT54 TVLTauntonOptare Solonon-standard
55108MX12 DYMTauntonWright StreetLite WFWhite
65007YN54 NZCTauntonScania OmniCity CN94UBFirst 2012
65759HIG 1533BridgwaterScania L94UB / Wright Solarnon-standard
65760HIG 1538BridgwaterScania L94UB / Wright Solarnon-standard
65761HIG 1540BridgwaterScania L94UB / Wright Solarnon-standard
65762YN06 NXWBridgwaterScania L94UB / Wright Solarnon-standard
65763YN05 GXMScania L94UB / Wright SolarFirst 2012
65764YN05 GXOBridgwaterScania L94UB / Wright Solarnon-standard
67600SN53 KKYBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro300 (old style)Buses of Somerset
67701SN60 EAATauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Buses of Somerset
67702SN60 EACTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Buses of Somerset
67703SN60 EAETauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Buses of Somerset
67704SN60 EAFTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Buses of Somerset
67705SN60 EAGTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Buses of Somerset
67706SN60 EAJTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300non-standard
67707SN60 EAMTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Buses of Somerset
67708SN60 EAOTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Buses of Somerset
67709SN60 EAPTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Buses of Somerset
67710SN60 EAWTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Buses of Somerset