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Updated 05 Apr 2020

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3900 PHSandhurstScania / Berkhof AxialHodge's
4402 PHSandhurstScania / Berkhof AxialHodge's
6967 PHSandhurstMAN / FAST StarterWhite
8896 PHSandhurstMAN / FAST StarterWhite
9489 PHSandhurstMAN / FAST StarterWhite
2568 PHSandhurstScania OmniExpressHodge's
3380 PHSandhurstScania OmniExpressHodge's
3556 PHSandhurstFord TransitWhite
2916 PHSandhurstToyota Coaster / Caetano OptimoHodge's
2480 PHSandhurstScania OmniExpressHodge's
4631 PHSandhurstScania OmniExpressHodge's
8990 PHSandhurstScania OmniExpressHodge's
9649 PHSandhurstScania OmniExpressHodge's
1598 PHSandhurstVolvo B9R / Plaxton LeopardHodge's
5881 PHSandhurstScania OmniExpressHodge's
8466 PHSandhurstVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SC5Hodge's
1210 PHSandhurstVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Hodge's
6691 PHSandhurstYutong TC9Hodge's
8874 PHSandhurstFord TransitWhite
5134 PHSandhurstFord TransitWhite
5226 PHSandhurstVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SC5Hodge's
9958 PHSandhurstVolvo B8R / Sunsundegui SB3Hodge's