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Updated 23 Mar 2018

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YU02 GPYAintreeOptare AleroYellow
YP52 JWLAintreeOptare AleroWhite
MX04 VMEAintreeOptare Solo M850Yellow
LX05 EZJAintreeVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiLondon Red
LX05 FAKAintreeVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiLondon Red
LX05 FCAAintreeVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiLondon Red
MX05 OTAAintreeOptare Solo M780SLSilver
MX55 WDDAintreeOptare Solo M780SLYellow
MX55 WDEAintreeOptare Solo M780SLYellow
MX55 WDFAintreeOptare Solo M780SLYellow
MX55 WDGAintreeOptare Solo M780SLYellow
EH06 UNYAintreeOptare Solo M780SLYellow
MX06 YXVAintreeOptare Solo M950Yellow
NT06 GKAAintreeOptare Solo M880SLWhite
MX08 DGOAintreeOptare Solo M880SLWhite
MX08 DGUAintreeOptare Solo M880SLWhite
MX08 DGVAintreeOptare Solo M880SLWhite
MX08 DHGAintreeOptare Solo M710SEYellow
MX08 DHLAintreeOptare Solo M710SEYellow
MX08 DHVAintreeOptare Solo M710SEYellow
MX08 DJEAintreeOptare Solo M710SEYellow
MX09 MJOAintreeOptare Solo M880Yellow
MX09 MJVAintreeOptare Solo M880Yellow
MX09 MJYAintreeOptare Solo M880Yellow
MX09 MKAAintreeOptare Solo M880Yellow
YJ11 ELUBoltonOptare Solo SR M890HTfGM Silver/Green
YJ11 ELXBoltonOptare Versa V970HTfGM Silver/Green
YJ11 EMFBoltonOptare Versa V970HTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JFYBoltonOptare Versa V970HTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JFZBoltonOptare Versa V970HTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JGFBoltonOptare Versa V970HTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JGOBoltonOptare Versa V970HTfGM Silver/Green
YJ61 JJKAintreeOptare Versa V1110HYellow
YJ61 JJUAintreeOptare Versa V1110HYellow
YJ12 GTYAintreeOptare Versa V1110HYellow
YJ12 GTZAintreeOptare Versa V1110Hnon-standard
YJ12 GUDAintreeOptare Versa V1110HYellow
YJ12 GXABoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXBBoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXCBoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXDBoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXEBoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXFBoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXGAintreeOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXHBoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXKBoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXLBoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXMAintreeOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXNBoltonOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ12 GXOAintreeOptare Solo M810HYellow
YJ13 HNKAintreeOptare Solo SR M720SEYellow
YJ13 HNLAintreeOptare Solo SR M720SEYellow
YJ13 HNUAintreeOptare Solo SR M720SEYellow
YD63 VAXBoltonOptare Solo SR M925HYellow
YD63 VBPAintreeOptare Solo SR M720SEYellow
YD63 VBUAintreeOptare Solo SR M720SEnon-standard
YD63 VBVAintreeOptare Solo SR M720SEYellow
YD63 VBXAintreeOptare Solo SR M720SEnon-standard