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Updated 12 Apr 2019

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YU02 GPYAintreeOptare AleroYellow
YN53 SUAAintreeOptare Aleronon-standard
MX04 VMEAintreeOptare SoloYellow
YN54 LLFAintreeOptare Aleronon-standard
LX05 EZJAintreeVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiLondon Red
LX05 FAKAintreeVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiLondon Red
MX05 OTAAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX55 WDDAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX55 WDESouthportOptare SoloYellow
MX55 WDFSouthportOptare SoloYellow
MX55 WDGAintreeOptare SoloYellow
EH06 UNYAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX06 YXVAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX08 DGOAintreeOptare SoloWhite
MX08 DHGAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX08 DHLAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX08 DHVAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX08 DJEAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX09 MJOAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX09 MJVAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX09 MJYAintreeOptare SoloYellow
MX09 MKAAintreeOptare SoloYellow
YJ61 JJKSouthportOptare Versa Hybridnon-standard
YJ61 JJLSouthportOptare Versa HybridYellow
YJ61 JJOSouthportOptare Versa HybridYellow
YJ61 JJUSouthportOptare Versa HybridYellow
YJ12 GTYSouthportOptare Versa HybridYellow
YJ12 GTZSouthportOptare Versa Hybridnon-standard
YJ12 GUDAintreeOptare Versa HybridYellow
YJ12 GUGSouthportOptare Versa Hybridnon-standard
YJ12 GUHSouthportOptare Versa Hybridnon-standard
YJ12 GXAAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXBAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXCAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXDAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXFAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXGAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXHAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXKAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXLAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXMAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXNAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YJ12 GXOAintreeOptare Solo HybridYellow
YX62 AYMAintreeFiat Ducato / Bluebird OrionYellow
YJ13 HNKAintreeOptare Solo SRYellow
YJ13 HNLAintreeOptare Solo SRYellow
YJ13 HNUAintreeOptare Solo SRYellow
YD63 VAXSouthportOptare Solo SR HybridYellow
YD63 VBPAintreeOptare Solo SRYellow
YD63 VBUAintreeOptare Solo SRnon-standard
YD63 VBVAintreeOptare Solo SRYellow
YD63 VBXAintreeOptare Solo SRYellow