City Circle

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Updated 15 Dec 2020

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94YN18 CPENewbridgeMercedes-Benz Atego / Noone TurasCity Circle
96YN18 SVPNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
97YN18 SVRNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
98YN18 SVSNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sGate1 Travel
99YN18 SVTNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
103YT19 EFKNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
104YT19 EFLNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
105YT19 EFMNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
106YT19 EDVNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
107YT19 EFNNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
108YT19 EFONewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
109YT19 EFPNewbridgeScania / Irizar i6sGate1 Travel
149YN18 CPFHayesMercedes-Benz Atego / Noone TurasCity Circle
150YN18 SXRHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
151YN18 SXSHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
152YN18 SXTHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
153YN18 SXUHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
155YN18 SXWHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
156YN18 SWUHayesScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
158YN18 SWWHayesScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
159YN18 SWXHayesScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
161YN18 SVJHayesScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
161YN18 SWZHayesScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
162YN18 SVKHayesScania / Irizar i6sGate1 Travel
163YN18 SVLHayesScania / Irizar i6sCIE Tours
164YN18 SVOHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
165YT19 EFAHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
166YT19 EFBHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
167YT19 EFCHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
168YT19 EFDHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
169YT19 EFEHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
170YT19 EFFHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
171YT19 EFGHayesScania / Irizar i6sGlobus
172YT19 EFHHayesScania / Irizar i6sTauck
173YT19 EFJHayesScania / Irizar i6sTauck
174YT19 EDUHayesScania / Irizar i6sCity Circle
YN18 SWVHayesScania / Irizar i6s
YN18 SWYHayesScania / Irizar i6s