Transdev (Lancs.)

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Updated 08 Jun 2019

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278YJ68 FWCRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
279YJ68 FWDRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
280YJ68 FWERochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
281YJ68 FWFRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
282YJ68 FWGRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
283YJ68 FWHRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
284YJ68 FWKRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
285YJ68 FWLRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
286YJ68 FWMRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
287YJ68 FWNRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
288YJ68 FVSRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
289YJ68 FVTRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
290YJ68 FVURochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
291YJ68 FVVRochdaleOptare Versa464 (purple)
292YJ68 FVWRochdaleOptare VersaPride of the North
293YJ68 FVXRochdaleOptare VersaPride of the North
1600YN05 GXSRochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRossendalebus
1601YN05 GXTRochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRossendalebus
1602YN05 GXURochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRosso
1603YN05 GXVRochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRossendalebus
1604YN05 GXWRochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRossendalebus
1605YN06 NXXRochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRossendalebus
1606YN06 NXYRochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRosso
1607YN06 NXZRochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRosso
1608YN06 NXTRochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRosso
1609YN06 NXURochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRosso
1610YN06 NXVRochdaleScania L94UB / Wright SolarRosso
1611YN57 FWKRochdaleScania K230UB / Wright SolarRosso
1612YN57 FWLRochdaleScania K230UB / Wright SolarRosso
1613YN57 FWMRochdaleScania K230UB / Wright SolarRosso
2791FJ08 BYHRochdaleVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiRosso
2792FJ08 BYKRochdaleVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiRosso
2793FJ08 BYMRochdaleVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiRosso
2794FJ08 BYNRochdaleVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiRosso
2795FJ08 BYURochdaleVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiRosso
2796FJ08 BYVRochdaleVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiRosso