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Updated 23 May 2021

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LDP293LX06 EZJBrentfordDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2London Red
LDP294LX06 EZKBrentfordDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2London Red
LDP856GX06 DXEBrentfordDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach (+blue)
LDP857GX06 DXFBrentfordDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach (+blue)
PVL281PJ02 RBZBrentfordVolvo B7TL / Plaxton PresidentLondon Red
PVL286PJ02 RCXBrentfordVolvo B7TL / Plaxton PresidentLondon Red
PVL294PJ02 RDZBrentfordVolvo B7TL / Plaxton PresidentRed/Grey
PVL296PJ02 RFEBrentfordVolvo B7TL / Plaxton PresidentLondon Red
RMA58NMY 655EBrentford (h)AEC RoutemasterRed
RML2323CUV 323CBrentford (h)AEC RoutemasterLondon Red
RML2366JJD 366DBrentford (h)AEC RoutemasterLondon Red
RML2682SMK 682FBrentford (h)AEC RoutemasterLondon Red
RML2683SMK 683FBrentford (h)AEC RoutemasterLondon Red
WVL220LX06 DZCBrentfordVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiLondon Red