Name the London Underground station[s] that do[es]n't share at least one letter with...

Apparently, this is "A Thing", although I base this assertion solely on the fact that I've encountered it from two independent sources. The first was Clare (whose name, incidentally, shares at least one letter with every station except St. John's Wood), who waybackwhen asked me which three stations don't have a letter in common with "salmon", and was quite impressed when I got two of them without looking at the map. Then, a few years later, the Badger Brewery pointed out that Pimlico was the only LUL station that didn't have any letters in common with "Badger".

Those two were more that sufficient to convince me that I needed to program a solver for this, so here it is. If you like, you can spend an entertaining three minutes discovering, for example, that Vauxhall and Balham are the only two stations without pigeon droppings, or that Dollis Hill is the only station without crazy men (there aren't any stations without crazy women). You can then get bored and forget about it, safe in the knowledge that it will still be there at the back of your mind next time someone asks you "what are the [N] Underground stations that don't share any letters with the word..."

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